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7 Mar, 2024 14:10

Bombing planned by Kiev-backed agent foiled – FSB

The would-be terrorist was allegedly planning an attack using an IED he made from Western-manufactured components

A Belarusian radical nationalist has been gunned down in Russia after opening fire on officers of the FSB, the federal security agency reported on Thursday. He was allegedly planning a terrorist attack on behalf of Ukrainian special services.

The FSB did not name the suspect but said he was on an international wanted list, was born in 1974 and was a member of the so-called Katus Kalinovsky Regiment, a unit of far-right fighters allied with Kiev, which seeks to topple the government in Minsk.

While on Russian soil, the suspected Ukrainian agent allegedly collected intelligence on transport infrastructure and officials of the northern region of Karelia, the statement said. The FSB acted after learning that the suspect had obtained a firearm and components for an improvised explosive device (IED), which he intended to use in a terrorist attack.

The man was shot while resisting arrest according to the statement and footage of the firefight, which the FSB has made public. The video suggests that he had been tracked by a drone to a hideout, where officers confronted him.

Warning! This video includes disturbing imagery.

The would-be terrorist who was armed with a Makarov handgun, had assembled the bomb using a British-made explosive and a US-made detonator, the FSB reported.

The Ukrainian unit, of which the man was reportedly a member, was created by Kiev in February 2022 to incorporate a force of right-wing Belarusian radicals allied with Ukrainian fighters. The US state-funded news outlet RFE/RL last year reported its numbers as 300-strong.