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6 Mar, 2024 19:30

‘All of Russia is now your friend,’ Putin tells World Youth Festival participants

The country is open to the “noble endeavors” of all young people, the Russian leader has said at the closing ceremony
‘All of Russia is now your friend,’ Putin tells World Youth Festival participants

President Vladimir Putin has addressed thousands of young people from all over the world at the closing ceremony of the World Youth Festival (WYF) in Sochi.

Russia has sought to create conditions for friendship, creativity, and freedom for all WYF participants, the president explained, adding that he hopes that this attempt was a success.

The Russian leader spoke of global inequality as“the main injustice of the modern world,” adding that today’s young people must strive to change that in the future.

“If you ask me, is it possible to create an environment where everyone is in equal conditions, grows and develops equally for the good of one’s family and humanity at large, then I’ll respond that I don’t know. But there’s one thing I know for sure – we should all strive to achieve that!” the president stressed.

Greater global equality would help to make the world more transparent, fair, sustainable, balanced, and democratic.

To the participants of the WYF, Putin had a clear message; “I want you to know that all of Russia is now your friend. Our doors are always open to you, to all of your noble endeavors. I’m confident your future will be full of success,” he said.

The Russian leader recalled that one of the mottos of the festival is ‘Let’s start our future together’, adding “So, let’s consider that the future has already started! But it’s up to you what it will look like!”

The WYF is being held in Sochi from March 1-7, bringing together some 20,000 young people selected from a vast pool of applicants. The festival hosts assorted cultural and sporting events, contests, exhibitions, and various panel discussions. After Sochi, WYF participants are scheduled to visit 30 cities across Russia from March 10-17.