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26 Feb, 2024 12:37

Polish farmers block highway into Germany (VIDEO)

The protesters have called on Prime Minister Donald Tusk to discuss Warsaw’s withdrawal from the EU’s Green Deal proposals
Polish farmers block highway into Germany (VIDEO)

Polish farmers blocked a major highway into Germany on Sunday, in protest against EU environmental proposals and uncontrolled imports of cheap produce from countries such as Ukraine. 

According to the RFM FM media outlet, Polish farmers lined up their tractors and other equipment on both sides of the A2 highway near the border crossing in Slubice, forcing police to divert traffic to other checkpoints. 

The blockade of the crossing, not far from the German city of Frankfurt, began at 1pm local time, according to police spokesperson Ewa Murmylo, who explained that movement on both sides of the motorway had been halted. 

One of the protest organizers, Dariusz Wrobel, stated that although the blockade had initially been set to last for 25 days, the group decided it would instead be a 24-hour “warning” strike until 1pm on Monday.

The decision was made following negotiations between the farmers and representatives of transport and trade organizations, Wrobel explained. He warned, however, that the blockade could be restored on a much larger scale. 

“This will depend on things that we can’t predict,” Wrobel admitted in a statement to AFP, stressing that Polish farmers need to “start taking ourselves seriously.” 

Among the protesters’ demands is that Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk personally come to the border to discuss issues plaguing the agricultural sector. Warsaw, however, has so far signaled no intention of holding a meeting with farmers.  

Polish protesters have also blocked border crossings with Ukraine, calling for a ban on the import of non-EU agricultural products. Similar blockades have appeared across the bloc as farmers argue that countries such as Ukraine don’t have to abide by EU regulations and taxes, meaning their products are cheaper and possess an unfair advantage. 

Meanwhile, agriculture ministers from across the EU are set to meet in Brussels on Monday to discuss environmental policy proposals which have sparked discontent among agricultural workers in a wide range of members.