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13 Feb, 2024 08:15

Giving Kiev more money ‘insane’ and ‘cruel’ – Tucker Carlson

Continued Western aid will only result in more dead Ukrainians, not Russian defeat, the journalist has predicted
Giving Kiev more money ‘insane’ and ‘cruel’ – Tucker Carlson

US senators who intend to send an additional $60 billion in aid to Ukraine will be voting for the continued slaughter of Ukrainians, since the country cannot win against Russia, even with Western assistance, US journalist Tucker Carlson said on Monday.

The Senate has cleared the way for a $95 billion package meant for Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine to be put to a vote, potentially as soon as Wednesday. Even if passed, local media expect the bill to have a hard time in the House, where Republican opposition to funding Kiev is stronger than in the Senate.

Carlson, a long-time skeptic of Washington’s Ukraine policy, which he believes to be short-sighted and self-destructive, blasted the proposed legislation, arguing that anyone paying attention has been aware of Kiev’s desperate position for months.

”Ukraine doesn’t have the industrial capacity – neither does NATO or the United States. And it doesn’t have the people – Russia has 100 million more in population than Ukraine does. And that means that further support from the West for the Ukrainian military only means more dead Ukrainians and a further degraded Western economy,” he claimed.

Pushing for more funding is “insane,” “cruel” and morally indefensible, Carlson added.

The bill would authorize spending past 2024, obliging the winner of November’s US presidential election to keep financing the Ukrainian military.

US Republican Senator J.D. Vance, who believes the bill’s term is meant to undermine Donald Trump, should he win the presidential election. He told Carlson that, if signed into law, the bill could potentially be used to justify yet another impeachment of Trump.

Vance agreed with Carlson’s assessment of the situation in Ukraine and claimed that privately, Democratic senators agree with it too.

”They say effectively that they want to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian drop of blood,” he said.

”I think if you really ask these guys, they’d recognize that this is not in the best interest of Ukraine. This is fundamentally in the interests of military contractors and people who think that America’s most pressing challenge is to defeat the Russians,” he added, stressing that he was not one of those people.