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12 Feb, 2024 16:24

G7 looking to create a ‘special envoy’ for Ukraine – Russia’s top spy

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg is being considered for the job, the head of Moscow’s Foreign Intelligence Service has claimed
G7 looking to create a ‘special envoy’ for Ukraine – Russia’s top spy

The West wants to create a new “special envoy” to Kiev who would have permanent direct access to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, has claimed. He likened the proposed position to a foreign “governor” of Ukraine.   

In a statement issued by the SVR’s press service on Monday, Naryshkin suggested that the US and the UK are trying to convince other G7 states to establish the post in order to “strengthen the mechanisms of direct external control of the territory controlled by the Kiev regime.” 

“It is expected that [the ‘special envoy’] will have constant access to President Zelensky and know about all his plans,” the SVR’s statement read. The person will also have the ability to “block the steps of the Ukrainian leadership that are not coordinated with Washington and London, proposing instead the correct solutions, from the point of view of the Anglo-Saxons,” it added.  

Naryshkin described the reported plan as a “crude attempt by the West to increase the enslavement of the Ukrainian people [which] cannot but cause concern.” However, he claimed it is unlikely that the “governor” would be able to help Washington and London achieve their aims, as he would be “unable to stay afloat for long in the Kiev swamp of mutual hatred, intrigue, deception, flattery, and betrayal.” 

Regarding potential candidates for the new role, Naryshkin suggested that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is among the main contenders, as well as other “Russophobic politicians.” 

According to the SVR chief, the idea to create the new position comes as the West realizes that Ukrainians are becoming increasingly disillusioned with their chances of victory against Russia on the battlefield. The US and the UK therefore fear betrayal by the elites in Kiev, who may try to switch sides.  

Such fears are completely justified, Naryshkin said, claiming that “the first ones have already left.” 

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s position on the battlefield has continued to deteriorate as its forces lack ammunition and struggle with personnel shortages and low morale. Citing unnamed US officials, the New York Times reported last week that Kiev’s troops could soon be forced to abandon their frontline positions unless they receive more aid from the West.