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2 Feb, 2024 14:52

Russia has better weapons than NATO – Putin

Even Soviet-era arms are not necessarily inferior to those used by NATO, the president has claimed
Russia has better weapons than NATO – Putin

Russia’s modern weapons are more effective than the arms used by NATO countries, which have provided extensive military assistance to Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin has claimed.

Speaking at the ‘Everything for Victory’ forum in the city of Tula outside Moscow, Putin praised the role the country’s defense industry is playing in the conflict with Ukraine and in the national economy, as it provides jobs for millions.

The Russian leader acknowledged that while some Russian military equipment designed and produced in the twilight of the Soviet era is often – but not always – inferior in some respects to NATO hardware, this is not true of modern Russian weaponry.

It is clear that [these arms] are superior… I mean both missiles, armored vehicles, everything that is being used on the battlefield.

He added that for the army to be successful, it should be able to swiftly react to developments on the battlefield, suppressing the adversary’s artillery and reconnaissance assets. The military should also have its own such assets which should be more effective, Putin said. “Whoever does it faster will win,” he concluded.

Last month, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that production of military hardware and materiel had been significantly ramped up. Manufacturing of artillery shells had been increased several times over, he added.

Meanwhile, on Friday Shoigu estimated Ukraine’s losses in January at 23,000 service members. In December, he said that Ukrainian casualties since the start of the conflict with Russia in February 2022 had reached 383,000.