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1 Feb, 2024 18:02

‘Impregnate wives’ mayor responds to critics

Citizens must start having more children so that their cities don’t become like Marseille, the head of the city of Nevinnomyssk has demanded
‘Impregnate wives’ mayor responds to critics

Men must till the soil and women must give birth, the mayor of the southern city of Nevinnomyssk, Mikhail Minenkov, has declared. The local leader stressed that this is the only way to save the population of Russia.

The outspoken Minenkov previously became the center of a media storm after recommending that Russian men “sneak up” on their wives to impregnate them in order to improve the demographic situation in the country.

In a series of videos posted to his official Telegram channel on Tuesday, the mayor said he had recently watched some documentaries about the French city of Marseille as well as the situation in places like Texas. He expressed dismay at how Western cities were being overrun by illegal migrants who refuse to assimilate, as well as drug users and people who try to push the LGBTQ agenda on children.

“It’s sad. It’s unclear if they’ll survive,” Minenkov said, noting that traditional values were being pushed out of these countries and cities. His supporters, the mayor said, agree with him that Russians will die out if they allow these problems into their cities.

To make sure Russia survives, Minenkov insisted that citizens must strive to have as many children as possible and not make any unnecessary demands regarding compensation or other things, stressing that there is enough infrastructure in the country to support large families with multiple children.

“Nobody owes anyone anything. You just have to give birth, or else we’ll die out,” the mayor said, expressing confidence that the country will soon see large Russian families have from two to six children and promised to promote them as examples for the country.

As for those who want to “discuss this” and bring up issues like “what if the woman or man doesn’t want to,” Minenkov said there is no point in such debates. “There is only one formula: the man must plow, the woman must give birth. There will never be any other,” the mayor surmised. 

“Otherwise, we’ll turn into these sh*thole [cities like] Marseille and see the same degradation that has happened in other Western cities, like in the US, where drug addicts plague city centers and illegal migrants come into the country by the thousands,” Milenkov concluded. 

The state statistics agency Rosstat reported earlier this month that the natural decline in population had decreased by 19.3% between January and November last year, compared to the same period in 2022.