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17 Jan, 2024 20:03

Attempts to ‘cancel’ Russia bound to fail – Moscow

Even the most “avid Russophobes” understand the futility of these efforts, the country’s ambassador to the US has said
Attempts to ‘cancel’ Russia bound to fail – Moscow

The ease with which Washington opted to abandon its own “fundamental principles” amid its effort to hurt Moscow is “astonishing,” Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov has said. At the same time, even the most “avid Russophobes” understand the “illusory nature” of their attempts to cancel everything Russian, he argued.

The diplomat made the remarks in an exclusive interview with TASS published on Wednesday. The Russophobic drive has eroded the very foundations of the US itself, Antonov stated.

“The ease with which the US is abandoning the fundamental foundations this country was once built is astonishing. Freedom of speech has given way to attempts to silence anyone who speaks in a fashion not standard for Washington,” he said.

Still, even the most “avid Russophobes” do actually understand the “illusory nature” of their own efforts to cancel everything Russian and the country itself, the diplomat argued. “Without Russia, it is impossible to solve virtually any problem important to humanity, should it be challenges to international and regional security, battling terrorism, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction or climate change,” Antonov explained.

At the same time, many in the US simply cannot express their dissenting opinion in public, with  anti-Russia talking points effectively becoming mandatory.

Not everyone in today’s America will risk openly admitting this. Not to mention officials who simply use Russophobia to advance their careers or as a tool to extract budgetary allocations for their departments.

The “rabid anti-Russia activity” is also used as a smokescreen by the “American political class,” which has been demonstrating “unwillingness to bear responsibility for its failure.” But US elites are still pushing toward their proclaimed goal of inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia no matter what, according to the diplomat.

Still, Russia is bound to endure the Russphobic wave, ultimately becoming even tougher, he believes. “Russia will withstand these challenges and emerge from them even stronger and more sovereign. Our former Western partners can continue to engage in self-hypnosis, but they will have to take us into account,” Antonov proclaimed.