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15 Jan, 2024 07:00

Ukrainian ‘terrorist missile attack’ thwarted – Moscow

Three Tochka U ballistic weapons were downed over Russia's Kursk Region, with no casualties reported, according to the Defense Ministry
Ukrainian ‘terrorist missile attack’ thwarted  – Moscow

The Russian military has thwarted a Ukrainian “terrorist attack” on the border region of Kursk, shooting down three Soviet-era ballistic missiles, the Defense Ministry has said.

In a statement released in the early hours of Monday, the ministry said Russian air defense systems destroyed three Tochka U tactical projectiles overnight that were aimed at unspecified facilities in the country. The weapons have a maximum range of 120km and carry a 500kg warhead.

The region’s governor, Roman Starovoyt, confirmed the strikes, saying that, according to preliminary data, the missiles were destroyed over the Fatezh District, around 40km north of the city of Kursk. He did not provide any details on casualties.

Several local Telegram channels posted videos in which a series of distant explosions are heard. Another clip shows a bright flash in the night sky which fades away after a few moments. Shot Telegram channel, citing eyewitnesses, said some of the shell fragments fell near a school in Kursk.

Russian border regions have been routinely targeted by Ukrainian artillery, missile, and drone attacks in recent months, causing numerous casualties and damage to infrastructure. The city of Belgorod came under particularly heavy bombardment late last month when a Ukrainian attack killed 25 people, including several children, and injured more than a hundred. Moscow retaliated by targeting Ukrainian military installations and decision-making centers.