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9 Jan, 2024 13:53

Ukrainian drones strike Russian oil facility – authorities

The attack in Oryol caused a fire which has since been contained, Governor Andrey Klychkov has said
Ukrainian drones strike Russian oil facility – authorities

Two Ukrainian drones have crashed into an oil facility in the western Russian city of Oryol, causing a fire and injuring three people, local Governor Andrey Klychkov has said.

The “enemy” attack on the city around 350km south of Moscow targeted a “fuel and energy complex facility,” the official announced in a statement on Tuesday. He added that the fire has been localized and that the situation is under control.

Three people suffered moderate wounds although two of them refused to be hospitalized, the governor said. Klychkov later revealed that a third drone had crashed into a non-residential facility in Oryol Region, without causing casualties.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed what it called “an attempt by the Kiev regime to stage a terrorist attack.” Defense forces intercepted two drones over Oryol Region at around 3pm local time and destroyed another four over the neighboring Kursk Region, the ministry said.

Kursk Governor Roman Starovoyt said one woman was killed by Ukrainian artillery fire in a border settlement in the region.

The Baza Telegram channel reported that the drone raid targeted the Oryolnefteproduct oil plant in the eastern part of the city. The first drone crash did not result in any injuries, although three people were wounded when the second UAV went down, it said. The 112 Telegram channel claimed that two of the victims suffered cuts from shattered glass.

Photos circulating on social media showed smoke rising from the facility, which was visible from several kilometers away.

Ukraine has routinely targeted Russian border regions with drone and artillery attacks, killing scores of civilians and damaging critical infrastructure. A missile attack on Belgorod just before the New Year resulted in 25 deaths, including several children, as well as more than 100 injured.