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3 Jan, 2024 15:44

Four injured after munition detaches from Russian warplane

Nine homes will have to be rebuilt from scratch after the incident in Russia’s Voronezh Region, Governor Aleksandr Gusev says
Four injured after munition detaches from Russian warplane

Four people were injured and nine homes suffered significant damage when a projectile accidentally detached from a Russian military aircraft in the country’s Voronezh Region, Governor Aleksandr Gusev has said.

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the incident on Tuesday, revealing that the “improper discharge of a munition” from a military aircraft had occurred around 9am local time (6am GMT) over the village of Petropavlovka in the western part of the region. An investigation into the circumstances of the incident is underway, it added.

On Wednesday, Gusev revealed more details about what had happened, saying “four people sought medical attention with minor injuries” after the projectile landed in the area. 

Following a preliminary evaluation of the damage, it was decided that nine cottages would have to be rebuilt from scratch, he said. Construction workers will be brought from all across the region to make sure the job is done swiftly and that it’s of proper quality, the governor stated.

The owners of five cars and a tractor, which were also destroyed in the incident, will also be compensated, Gusev added. Repairs are already underway at a number of homes that suffered partial or minor damage. 

According to the region’s governor, a number of windows and the roof of a local school were damaged in the incident. The administration building and community center in Petropavlovka were also affected, he said. 

There has been extensive Russian aviation activity in the skies over Voronezh Region recently, as it is located near the country’s border with Ukraine. 

In September, a Russian Sukhoi Su-34 jet crashed during a training exercise in the area, with both pilots safely ejecting from the aircraft.  

During the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, settlements in Voronezh Region have also been frequently targeted by Ukrainian drones.