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26 Dec, 2023 15:24

Russian pop stars apologize over ‘naked party’ (VIDEO)

Attending the event at which invitees were asked to wear as little as possible, was a bad idea, celebrities admit, as criticism mounts
Russian pop stars apologize over ‘naked party’ (VIDEO)

Two internationally renowned singers who attended a much-criticized “naked party” in Moscow last week have offered their apologies to the public for any distress the event may have caused.

Eurovision winner Dima Bilan and best-selling showman Filip Kirkorov were present at an invite-only gig hosted by popular blogger and TV personality Anastasiya Ivleeva.

It caused uproar in Russia after images from the party were leaked to the media and widely shared. Many critics found the theme distasteful and inappropriate given that the country is currently engaged in a military conflict.

Some drew parallels to how detached Russian elites behaved during World War I, contributing to eventual revolutions. Others took issue with LGBT vibes they perceived in videos and photos from the social event.

Kirkorov, a veteran pop singer famous for his extravagant pop performances, released a video statement on Tuesday. He claimed he’d “dropped in for five minutes” to the party and mused that any person can end up “entering the wrong door” at some point in their life. He acknowledged that, being a nationally acclaimed star, he should have been more careful.

The leaked footage includes a clip showing Kirkorov dressed in a glittering fishnet costume and large sunglasses declaring himself part of the “old guard” present.

Bilan represented Russia at two Eurovision Song Contests and won the competition in 2008. The singer likewise described his visit as brief and claimed he’d expected the occasion to be a routine “art exhibition” with a somewhat unusual dress code.

He stressed that he personally chose not to share a recording from the party, after realizing it was inappropriate for the general public.

“This event does not reflect my personality. Nobody can blame me for being indifferent [to Russian troops on the frontline],” he said, claiming that he has been contributing to the cause financially without disclosing it.

Ivleeva had previously pledged to donate all proceeds to charity. Some guests were required to pay as much as $10,900, according to Russian media, as opposed to celebrities allegedly being admitted for free.

Rapper Vacio wore only a sock on his genitals at the party – a look he claimed to have borrowed from the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. He reportedly faced legal repercussions over his sharing of images from the event on social media. A Moscow court has since ruled that his subsequent statements amounted to public disturbance and LGBT propaganda. He was held in custody for 15 days and was fined.