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25 Dec, 2023 07:28

Moscow ‘naked party’ proceeds will go to charity – organizer (VIDEOS)

Russian blogger Anastasia Ivleeva expressed regret for being unable to control the privacy of the scandalous event
Moscow ‘naked party’ proceeds will go to charity – organizer (VIDEOS)

Anastasia Ivleeva, a popular Russian blogger who hosted last week’s infamous ‘almost naked’ party in Moscow, which outraged the authorities and society alike, has apologized for the inappropriate images leaked to the public and said that all proceeds from ticket sales will go to charity.

The party, which was attended by a range of Russian celebrities, took place in an elite Moscow club on Wednesday night and featured a strict almost-no-dress code that shocked the general public and drew condemnation from government officials. Tickets were reportedly sold for up to 1 million rubles ($10,900).  

In a video message posted on Instagram on Sunday, Ivleeva explained that the event consisted of two parts and was dedicated to the release of Playboy photographs that she took in 2022 when she was the editor-in-chief of the Russian edition. The artwork, which featured women of various backgrounds “who were not afraid to show the beauty of their bodies,” was supposed to appear on the cover of the magazine, which did not materialize after Playboy left the market. 

“For almost two years I have been trying to retrieve the content I created and publish it in Russia. Despite the publisher’s prohibitions, we were able to take our work for ourselves. This was my goal, and I achieved it,” the blogger said, adding that on the first day of the event, a private presentation was held, while tickets were sold for the second day, which attracted 1,500 people. 

Ivleeva went on to say that the dress code of the party was in line with the theme of the event and the format of a private party.

“All invitees received directives, quite reserved,” she noted, adding that the guests “interpreted the costumes themselves.” 

Regarding Nikolay Vasilyev, a rapper known as Vacio, who turned up at the event wearing nothing but a Balenciaga sock on his penis, Ivleeva said he was warned that this was unacceptable even for a private event, but despite the warning, he chose to take the risk – which resulted in 15 days in jail for violating public order. 

She also expressed regret that videos of the event were leaked and widely shared, saying it was highly inappropriate to film at a private party. 

“I am sorry that it has happened. That I was unable to control it” Ivleeva continued, promising to “personally direct all the funds received from the ticket sales to charitable organizations.” She added that she is not trying to virtue-signal or justify her actions, but is taking this step because it is the only thing that can be done under the circumstances.