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26 Oct, 2023 10:22

Biden trying to rebrand Ukraine aid as job-creation stimulus – Politico

The White House is now attempting portray support for Kiev as an economic boom for Americans, according to the outlet
Biden trying to rebrand Ukraine aid as job-creation stimulus – Politico

The White House is attempting to spin continued support for Kiev as being beneficial to the US economy, Politico reported on Wednesday, citing sources in Washington. According to the magazine, US officials are concerned that they are “losing the messaging war on Ukraine.”

Politico interviewed unnamed officials and lawmakers, who said that aides from the administration of President Joe Biden have been distributing talking points among Congress members still willing to funnel money to Kiev.

According to Politico, one point states that the administration’s latest request for additional funds from Congress will not only support the US military-industrial complex, but will also result in “expanding production lines, strengthening the American economy and creating new American jobs.” 

Last Friday, the Biden administration asked Congress for a new spending package totaling $105 billion, intended to cover the security needs of Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, as well as address the tense situation on America’s southern border. The request came after the White House dropped Ukraine aid from a funding bill to avoid a government shutdown earlier this month.

Washington’s attempts to secure more funding for Kiev have been criticized by numerous Republicans, who have accused the White House of a lack of strategic vision and accountability.

In the early days of the Ukraine conflict, the White House argued that the hostilities were to blame for a range of economic woes facing ordinary Americans, including rising fuel prices and inflation.

However, some Republicans dismissed this rhetoric, with an unnamed GOP official suggesting in an interview with Politico that the administration “realized that their messaging on Ukraine specifically has been a disaster… and that they needed to change.” 

Last week, Biden compared the Ukraine conflict to World War II, arguing that “patriotic American workers are building the arsenal of democracy and serving the cause of freedom.” 

The apparent shift in messaging comes after a Reuters/Ipsos poll earlier this month found that 41% of US citizens agreed that Washington “should provide weapons to Ukraine,” while 35% disagreed. In a similar poll in May, 46% of Americans backed sending arms to Kiev, with 29% opposed to this policy.