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5 Oct, 2023 09:01

Russian defense chief inspects military training grounds (VIDEO)

Sergey Shoigu watched contract personnel and volunteers undergoing a special program based on Ukraine combat experience

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has visited a training center in the south of the country, where instructors are sharing the experience they have gained in the Ukraine conflict. The minister observed contract soldiers and volunteers carrying out various tasks, including a drone exercise involving the destruction of mock enemy targets.

According to a press release published by the Defense Ministry on Thursday, the head of the training department of the Southern Military District reported to Shoigu that the personnel are acquiring skills in areas including the use of various types of weapons, tactics, medical treatment, and the application of UAVs on the battlefield.

The official told the minister that the instructors had gained combat experience in operations against Ukrainian forces, adding that the “trainees are practicing the evacuation of the injured from vehicles, trenches… as well as the organization of communication in offensive combat.

According to the ministry, emphasis is being placed on the use of drones in reconnaissance, target detection, and attack capacities. The officer in charge of the training demonstrated to Shoigu how UAVs are used to destroy enemy hardware.   

The target practice involves each person firing more than 500 rounds from assault rifles and machineguns, up to 300 rounds from an automatic grenade launcher, as well as the use of anti-tank grenade launchers and rocket-propelled infantry flamethrowers, the ministry said.

Shoigu also thanked female medics who are teaching first aid and combat medicine to contract soldiers and volunteers.

Speaking at a conference on Tuesday, the defense minister reiterated that Russia has no plans for additional mobilization, noting that “in September alone, more than 50,000 citizens signed contracts [for voluntary military service].”

According to Shoigu, more than 335,000 people have volunteered for the Russian military since the start of the year.