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10 Aug, 2023 18:28

Baltic nation announces new aid package for Ukraine

Estonia will supply some 150 handguns and ammunition to Kiev, the country’s defense ministry has announced
Baltic nation announces new aid package for Ukraine

Tallinn will donate around 150 handguns plus ammunition to Ukraine, the Estonian government said on Wednesday. The proposal on the new aid package was floated by Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur during a cabinet meeting and was supported by other ministers.

“We must support Ukraine in their fight against the continuing Russian aggression. Once again, we have found an opportunity where Estonia can lend a helping hand,” Pevkur stated, announcing the arguably modest weapons package.

“The Russian Federation cannot gain anything from this aggression. Therefore, all who support Ukraine must both speed up the provision of military aid as well as increase the capacity of their defense industry,” he added.

The minister did not elaborate on the exact type of pistols to be provided to Ukraine, their origin or a timeframe for the delivery.

Estonia, alongside other Baltic states, has been among the most active supporters of Ukraine in the conflict with Moscow, repeatedly sending military aid and taking other anti-Russia measures. The country has been one of Kiev’s top donors in terms of GDP, spending over 1% to supply the country with assorted weaponry, including anti-tank systems, mines, howitzers, artillery shells and other hardware.

In absolute figures, however, Estonian military aid remains rather modest compared to the billions spent by Ukraine’s top backers, particularly the US. Thus far, Tallinn has delivered just over €400 million ($439 million) worth of military equipment to Ukraine.

Russia has repeatedly urged the collective West to stop “pumping” Ukraine with increasingly sophisticated weaponry, warning that continuous support will only prolong the conflict and inflict further damage on Ukrainians rather than changing the conflict’s ultimate outcome.