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23 Jun, 2023 13:31

German-made Ukrainian tank falls victim to trench warfare (VIDEOS)

Videos likely shot by Kiev’s forces show a Leopard 2 tank seemingly immobilized in rough terrain
German-made Ukrainian tank falls victim to trench warfare (VIDEOS)

One of the German main battle tanks that Kiev received from Western nations ahead of its counteroffensive against Russia, has been evidently stopped by tough terrain, rather than enemy fire.

The armored vehicle is shown in two videos circulating in social media, apparently shot by Ukrainian troops, judging by their equipment and friend-or-foe identification.

The exact location remains unclear, though there are unverified claims that it was in Russia’s Zaporozhye Region, which Ukraine claims and seeks to capture.

One short clip was filmed from inside a Western-made armored car and shows the tank without any visible signs of damage tilted to the left, its track apparently sunk deep in mud.

Another expletive-laden post features a bunch of soldiers inspecting the same armor up close, and sheds some light on the cause of the predicament.

A system of trenches, some of them covered, is revealed. The tank had apparently crashed through the roof of one of them. A shovel, which may have been used in an attempt to extract the tank from the mud, can also be seen next to the vehicle.


Kiev received Western tanks to beef up its military ahead of its long-promised counteroffensive against Russia, which it launched this month. Moscow claims its troops have taken out 13 German-made battle tanks in the first two weeks of the Ukrainian attack.