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15 Jun, 2023 19:17

Russian military shows off double tank kill (VIDEO)

Fresh footage shows an attack helicopter destroying two Ukrainian tanks just seconds apart
Russian military shows off double tank kill (VIDEO)

The Russian Defense Ministry has released live-action footage from the onboard cameras of an attack helicopter showing two Ukrainian tanks being destroyed by guided missiles in quick succession. 

The grainy footage, which was extracted from the onboard computer of a Ka-52 helicopter and posted to the ministry’s social media on Thursday, shows the Ukrainian tanks targeting Russian positions in southern Donbass. 

The armored vehicles, which appear to be main battle tanks, are standing next to one another. A third object – apparently a military engineering vehicle – is seen near the tanks.

The helicopter’s crew fired two guided missiles in quick succession at the tanks, hitting both of them. The vehicles caught fire and began emitting thick plumes of black smoke, the footage shows. The Russian military said both tanks were destroyed along with their crews in the attack.

The Ka-52 advanced Russian attack helicopters have been extensively used in the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, which has been raging for over a year already. Although the helicopters have been in service for over a decade already, the ongoing hostilities are the first major conflict in which they have seen action.