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14 Jun, 2023 21:10

Ferocious flood engulfs former Olympic host city (VIDEOS)

Almost 200 households have been affected by a surge in water levels around Sochi
Ferocious flood engulfs former Olympic host city (VIDEOS)

The Russian Black Sea resort city of Sochi faced an emergency situation on Wednesday, as the local Matsesta river overflowed its banks due to heavy rainfall, filling the city streets with torrents of muddy water.

The floods have washed away parked cars and inundated the ground floors of many buildings in the city, according to videos published on social media. The footage showed streets and yards in the city turning into dirty lakes filled with debris.

Vehicles were seen drifting along the city thoroughfares as they were carried away by the flood. Several smaller rivers in the city also developed roaring fast-moving currents, sometimes more resembling mudslides than ordinary water flows.

Some cars were also apparently damaged by trees felled by the onrush of water. Several residential districts in Sochi have been affected by the disaster, according to local media.

Some news outlets reported that the local authorities would consider ordering an evacuation in case of mudslides. Alarms and loudspeakers have been turned on in the city to alert the locals in case of a decision to evacuate, the media said. The resort city’s beaches have been closed and any swimming prohibited until conditions improve.

According to the regional emergencies ministry, a total of 183 households have been affected by the disaster in ten settlements, including Sochi. Two highway bridges have collapsed. The torrential rains were reported to have stopped by late morning, officials said, adding that 155 specialists and 59 pieces of equipment have been deployed to the affected areas.

The Russian authorities have not officially reported on any deaths or injuries linked to the flooding.