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6 May, 2023 14:16

Russia planning strict new alcohol laws – RIA

The Health Ministry is reportedly considering raising the minimum legal drinking age from 18 to 21 for hard liquor
Russia planning strict new alcohol laws – RIA

Russia’s Health Ministry is mulling new measures to curb the consumption of strong alcoholic beverages in the country, RIA Novosti has reported. Among the steps reportedly under consideration are restrictions on the hours when spirits can be sold and raising the legal drinking age.

In an article on Saturday, the media outlet reported that officials are considering prohibiting the sale of liquor with an alcohol content of more than 17.5% to anyone under 21. Currently the legal drinking age for all alcohol in Russia is 18.

Another measure proposed in the ministry’s report, which RIA claims to have seen, is to grant local authorities the right to restrict the sale of liquor on weekends and public holidays. Additionally, they would be able to impose a ban on alcohol sales from 8pm until 11am.

The sale of alcohol is currently not permitted between 11pm and 8am in Moscow and from 10pm to 11am in St. Petersburg. Several other regions, including Chukotka and Dagestan, have established their own hours.

The ministry also seeks to outlaw any form of advertising of hard liquor, as well as prohibit it from being featured in newly produced musical clips, television series, movies and music, RIA reported.

According to the article, the need for tougher regulations is being discussed in light of recently released statistics from 2022 showing retail sales of alcohol having exceeded the forecast level.

This trend, as the ministry’s document reportedly noted, calls for more vigorous efforts at promoting a healthy lifestyle.