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28 Dec, 2022 12:34

Another Ukrainian terrorist attack foiled – Moscow

Two Russian nationals were killed in the southern part of the country while resisting arrest, the state security service says
Another Ukrainian terrorist attack foiled – Moscow

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has prevented a Ukrainian terrorist attack in the south of the country. The two people involved were neutralized by law enforcement officers and were allegedly planning to go to Ukraine to fight against Russian forces, the FSB has claimed.

In a statement on Tuesday, the security service described the perpetrators as Russian nationals with prior criminal records and who were part of a terrorist group. On the instructions of the Ukrainian special services, they were “preparing a terrorist act in the town of Chegem of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic,” located in the North Caucasus near the Georgian border.

“After committing the crime, they planned to leave for Ukraine to participate in hostilities against Russian Armed Forces,” the FSB added.

The two terrorists were killed on Monday in the neighboring city of Nalchik as they attempted to fire back at security officers. The FSB said it had found and seized explosives, an assault rifle, and a handgun with ammunition at the scene. Footage released by the agency showing the weaponry appears to corroborate this claim.

In recent months amid the Ukraine conflict, Russia’s security services have foiled several attempts to carry out sabotage and terrorist attacks on behalf of Kiev. On Monday, the FSB intercepted a group of Ukrainian saboteurs as they tried to cross into Russian territory, four of whom were killed in a firefight.

Last month, the security agency also prevented a Ukrainian bomb attack at a market in Russia’s Zaporozhye Region, as well as a plot targeting a gas pipeline connecting Russia and Türkiye.

While Kiev has never claimed responsibility for these incidents, Russia insists that Ukraine is behind the attacks and has accused President Vladimir Zelensky of resorting to terrorist tactics.