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24 Oct, 2022 17:41

Ex-Russian president warns Western analysts on weapons stocks

Moscow is set to significantly increase the production of arms, Dmitry Medvedev explains
Ex-Russian president warns Western analysts on weapons stocks

Russia is about to greatly enhance its military arsenal, the country’s former president, Dmitry Medvedev, said on Monday, adding that output of tanks, high-precision missiles, drones, and artillery pieces is growing “multifold.”

He made the statement after inspecting the production lines of Russia’s leading arms manufacturer, the Uralvagonzavod tank plant.

Medvedev, who is currently the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, posted a video on Telegram showing him touring the production halls of the plant together with a delegation of government officials. The video also featured dozens of modern T-72B3 and T-90M battle tanks under construction at the facility, including ones that appeared to be in the final assembly stage.

The official said he has repeatedly seen claims by Western analysts “that Russia will soon run out of military equipment and weapons.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” he wrote. “The production of weapons and special equipment is increasing multifold in all directions: from tanks and guns to high-precision missiles and drones. Wait!” Medvedev added.

Last week, President Vladimir Putin established a special Coordination Council tasked with meeting the demands of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. The council is expected to streamline the efforts of the federal and regional authorities to provide troops with equipment and military hardware, as well as logistical support. The president is expected to join a meeting of the council on Tuesday via video link.

Russia is currently locked in a prolonged conflict with Ukraine, which largely relies on military aid from the US and its allies in Europe and elsewhere. In mid-September, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg admitted to CNN that the bloc’s members had significantly depleted their own weapons stockpiles by supplying arms to Ukraine and called for a boost to arms production.

Western nations, the US and Germany in particular, have also been hesitant to supply Kiev with heavy armor, such as battle tanks, despite repeated requests by the Ukrainian government.