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21 Oct, 2022 17:00

Ukraine bombs civilian targets in Russia – regional governor

The attack destroyed a school, a kindergarten and private houses, he claims
Ukraine bombs civilian targets in Russia – regional governor

Ukraine has again shelled Russia’s Belgorod Region, the local governor announced on Friday. The attack was deliberately aimed at civilian infrastructure, the official added.

Vyacheslav Gladkov wrote on his Telegram channel: “thank God, there are no victims or wounded,” explaining that residents of the targeted area had been evacuated the day before. Gladkov said local authorities continue to go from house to house in the village, trying to convince people to leave for their own safety.

Later in the day, the governor gave details of another attack on an industrial complex in the same district, directly hit by a Ukrainian shell, causing a major fire. According to preliminary data, at least one woman was injured in the incident.

“The medical team is already taking her to the hospital. All emergency services are on site. More details will come later,” he wrote.

The day before, Gladkov claimed that a nine-year-old boy had lost his hands after finding something resembling a Ukrainian drone lying on the street. The device, which had allegedly been used by Kiev’s forces to attack the region, detonated in the boy’s hands, the official claimed.

Belgorod Region has come under regular shelling and drone attacks from Ukrainian forces since Russia launched its military campaign against Kiev in late February. Last week, an electrical substation in the city was hit, leading to blackouts in some districts. An oil depot, a border checkpoint, a customs office and an ammo depot were also struck.

Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a “medium action level” in several parts of Russia, including Belgorod and Crimea, giving local authorities emergency powers to ensure security and react rapidly to any emergencies.