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1 Mar, 2022 09:33

Missile damages government building in Ukraine’s 2nd-largest city (VIDEO)

A huge explosion rocked Kharkov amid Russia’s military operation
Missile damages government building in Ukraine’s 2nd-largest city (VIDEO)

A missile hit the square in front of a regional government building in Kharkov, Ukraine’s second-largest city and former capital, on Tuesday amid Russia’s military attack on the country.

CCTV video posted on social media shows a missile-shaped projectile causing a massive explosion.

Ukrainian emergency services said it was an airstrike carried out by invading Russian forces, and urged locals to seek shelter. RT was unable to independently verify this claim.

Emergency services said six people were injured, including a child.

The incident occurred after reports of intense shelling in the city on Monday. Kharkov is located roughly 40km (24 miles) from the border with Russia. Ukraine previously reported combat with Russian troops advancing on the city.

Moscow has not commented on the strike as of yet. Russia previously insisted that it was only hitting military targets, such as airfields and radar stations.

Russia attacked the neighboring state last week, arguing that it was defending the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, which broke off from Ukraine following the 2014 coup in Kiev. Ukraine said the attack was entirely unprovoked and called on the international community for help.

Many countries, including the US, UK, and EU member states, imposed new sanctions on Russia, hitting its banks and trade, among other things. The majority of European countries closed their airspace to Russian airlines, and Moscow responded in kind.

Russians and Ukrainians held the first round of peace talks in Belarus on Monday.