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8 Feb, 2022 17:28

New bill aims to prohibit US military aid to Ukraine

The proposed legislation would oblige the US government to fix its own border issues before sending military aid to Kiev
New bill aims to prohibit US military aid to Ukraine

A group of US lawmakers have introduced a bill to block military aid to Ukraine until the America’s own southern border is properly secured, the main sponsor of the legislation, Republican congressman Matt Rosendale, said on Tuesday. The legislation, dubbed ‘Secure America’s Borders First Act’, was co-sponsored by nine others.

If adopted, the bill would require the US government to complete the “border wall system” on its southern frontier, as well as achieve “operational control” of the border, before any military aid could be sent to Kiev.

“Before warmongers rush America into another foreign conflict over the borders of Ukraine, at the very least they should ensure our southern border is secure first,” Rosendale (R-Montana) said as he unveiled the bill.

The Republican lawmaker has also harshly criticized the Biden administration for its border polices, claiming that the country has endured “an invasion of over two million illegal aliens” since the president took office.

“While our nation has miserably failed to secure our own border and protect our own territorial integrity, we are now being told by ‘America Last’ politicians on both sides of the aisle, that it is our obligation to do so for Ukraine,” Rosendale said.

Ukraine has seen a steady inflow of military aid amid growing fears of an allegedly imminent Russian ‘invasion.’ Over the past few months, Western media and top politicians alike have repeatedly claimed that Moscow has been gearing up to attack its neighbor. No evidence to back up such allegations has yet emerged. Russia has consistently denied the claims, maintaining it has no plans to attack any country.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba revealed the scale of western military aid to Kiev on Monday. In the past few “weeks and months” the country “received more than $1.5 billion, and more than 1,000 tons of arms and armaments,” Kuleba stated.

The US remains among the primary source of such aid. In January alone, Washington delivered some 79 tons of military hardware to Ukraine, including some 300 Javelin anti-tank missile systems. Another major haul was sent in by the UK, the British cargo planes delivering a cache of NLAW anti-tank missiles and deploying additional instructors to teach Kiev’s forces to operate the weaponry.