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27 Jan, 2022 15:10

War between Russians & Ukrainians is unacceptable – Moscow

The two countries don’t want to fight against each other, but the West is pushing for it, Russia insists
War between Russians & Ukrainians is unacceptable – Moscow

The threat of an open war between Russia and Ukraine is coming from Western governments, which appear to be actively working to make it happen, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday, adding that neither Moscow or Kiev wants such a scenario. 

The comment came during a daily briefing where spokesman Alexey Zaytsev cited statements by top Ukrainian security officials, which downplayed the threat of so-called Russian aggression, as evidence that the current escalation of tensions has been fuelled by the West. 

“Our nation has likewise repeatedly stated that we have no intention to attack anyone,” he said. “We consider the very thought that our people may go to war against each other unacceptable.” 

While Kiev and Moscow seek to avert hostilities, “Ukraine’s foreign sponsors have other ideas and appear determined to implement the scenario, according to which Russia must attack Ukraine,” and face Western retaliation for it, the Russian official added. 

Zaytsev cited moves like the much-publicized evacuation of diplomatic staff from Ukraine by some Western nations and the latest shipments of weapons to the country as examples of incendiary actions. Meanwhile, officials who publicly question the narrative, such as former German Navy Commander Kay-Achim Schonbach or Croatian President Zoran Milanovic, risk backlash and career consequences for speaking out, he claimed. 

The diplomat called on NATO members to stop their "destructive" influence on Ukraine and allow its government to find a meaningful resolution of its internal political issues. If the military bloc is genuinely interested in defusing military tensions in Europe, it should pull out forces currently deployed in the eastern part of the continent, as was suggested by Russia, he added.