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20 Jan, 2022 15:55

New law bans laughing at weddings

Russian region imposes decree to ban loud talking, exclamations, and drinking at a registry office
New law bans laughing at weddings

A region in the south of Russia has made national news after approving a new procedure for conducting marriages in a “solemn” setting, which officially bans laughing, drinking alcohol, and talking loudly.

The new rules, which came into force on Monday, also stipulate that those who choose the solemn form of ceremony get married in a hall with the Russian flag and coat of arms.

“During the marriage ceremony … the following is not allowed: loud talking (including on the phone), exclamations, laughter,” the document says.

Guests are also banned from “wearing outerwear” and “dirty shoes,” as well as bringing in “bulky bags, rucksacks, and bags.” Rearranging the room’s furniture and floral arrangements is also out-of-bounds.

Music and photography are, however, permitted, but the ceremony is limited to a maximum of 40 minutes.

Speaking to the local edition of daily newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, Rostov region department head Olga Isaenko clarified that the restrictions are in place to stop anything from interfering with the ceremony.

“It must be remembered that marriage is not a farce, and the registry office is not a place for jokes,” Isaenko said. “It is a place where a new family is created. And usually, people are moved by the event. They may even cry. But if people are serious about the event, no one is laughing, for sure.”

According to Isaenko, smiling is permitted, but nothing is funny about a marriage ceremony, which is “a solemn, reverent moment.”

“The procedure for the ceremony only states that you must not disturb the ceremony, including laughing, shouting, and talking loudly. Yes, marriage is a joyful moment, but there should be no confusion,” she explained. “I do not know any solemn ceremony where you can laugh.”