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17 Jan, 2022 22:13

US promises ‘robust response’ to Russia if it invades Ukraine – White House

NATO will work to put Moscow in a “weaker strategic position,” senior official warns
US promises ‘robust response’ to Russia if it invades Ukraine – White House

If Russia invades Ukraine, the US will move strongly to damage Moscow’s strategic position and employ measures that take aim at the country's economy, a top White House official threatened on Sunday.

Speaking to CBS News, United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that Washington is in regular contact with “allies and partners” and is actively planning for a response to a possible Russian attack.

Just last week, Sullivan accused Moscow of preparing to “fabricate a pretext” for justifying a military incursion into Ukraine, following accusations that Russia has placed more than 100,000 troops on the border to prepare for war. Later, a CNN report citing anonymous sources in the US intelligence community suggested that operatives have been placed in eastern Ukraine to stage a false-flag operation.

“We’re ready either way if Russia wants to move forward with diplomacy. We are absolutely ready to do that in lockstep with our allies and partners,” he told CBS. “If Russia wants to go down the path of invasion and escalation, we’re ready for that, too, with a robust response that will cut off their strategic position.”

According to Sullivan, America and NATO are working on creating a scenario where the US-led military bloc comes out on top, and Russia emerges “in a weaker strategic position.”

“If Russia does move, we will take measures that go at their economy that go at their strategic position in Europe that strengthen the solidarity of NATO,” he said.

Last week, a group of US senators from President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party introduced a bill containing possible restrictions to impose on Russia in the event of an escalation of tensions around Ukraine. Among other things, the bill proposes to impose sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. It also targets Russian banks and other industries.