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31 Aug, 2021 15:09

That’s just not fur! One cat, two prices as Christians charged massive markup for ‘atheist’ Maine Coon pet on Russian auction site

That’s just not fur! One cat, two prices as Christians charged massive markup for ‘atheist’ Maine Coon pet on Russian auction site

Who knew that an animal’s religion could determine how much it sells for? Would-be buyers on Russia’s Avito bidding site have found out the hard way that faith in God can come with an eye-watering price tag when it comes to pets.

Local media reported this week on two different adverts that appeared to be for the same Maine Coon cat springing up on the classified listings web portal. While the feline looked the same, the descriptions of the home-seeking pet were markedly different.

In the first ad, posted by the owner, the cat – named “Atheist” – was described as a defiant furball that “does not follow any rules. He doesn’t believe in anything or anyone. Even in the existence of people. For him, we are just the biomass that brings food.”

The seller told the publication Komsomolskaya Pravda that the cat set his own price at a hefty 1 million rubles ($13,600) and that the breed makes it all the more worth it. The Maine Coon is well-known as one of the largest domesticated cats in the world and has gained a cult following among lovers of their thick hair and heavy builds.

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After a question about the auction, however, the owner stopped answering queries about the pet. A second advert soon came to light, painting an altogether different view of what appeared to be the same feline, this time under the name “Orthodox.”

“The cat observes all fasts, sleeps and lies with his paws crossed, which means that he is able to ward off evil spirits,” the post read. “He is very smart. Only believers are allowed into the house. He loves children and gets along with other cats.”

But worshipers seeking a saintly pet will have to shell out substantially more for the angelic creature, with Orthodox’s price set at a colossal 13 million rubles ($177,300).

After a few days, however, the ad was no longer viewable on the site. Whether a buyer had been found or the owner could not part with such a perfectly pious pet remains unclear.

Residents in Krasnodar, where the angelic and heretical pair were listed, reportedly remain suspicious that they are one and the same cat but, with the owner no longer taking questions, the issue seems to have been thrown into limbo.

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