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26 Jul, 2021 12:39

Russian shaman who attempted SEVEN THOUSAND KILOMETER walk to ‘exorcise’ Putin sent to mental health institution for observation

Russian shaman who attempted SEVEN THOUSAND KILOMETER walk to ‘exorcise’ Putin sent to mental health institution for observation

A shaman who made worldwide headlines after making plans to walk almost the entire length of Russia to “banish” President Vladimir Putin has been forced into a medical facility after concerns were raised about his mental health.

After an international media storm, a court in the East Siberian city of Yakutsk placed Gabyshev into a secure facility in July after he reportedly threatened to stab a public safety official with a homemade sword. 

Gabyshev is from Yakutia, an area in Siberia known for its intense winters with bone-chilling temperatures. Shamans have served in the area for centuries and played the role of healers or mystics in society.

In 2019, he became known after announcing plans that he would walk from his home region to Moscow, a journey of around 7,500km, to perform the rite of “banishing” Putin, a man he called a “demon.” In the time since, he has made multiple attempts, each time being stopped by law enforcement.

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His original plan was to light a bonfire on Red Square, fueling it with kumis – a fermented dairy product – and horsehair. Following a shamanic prayer, Putin would then calmly resign, he said.

Earlier this year, Gabyshev again announced that he would make the same journey, but this time on a horse.

According to his lawyer, Alexey Pryanishnikov, the shaman is being mistreated and will be put into a facility with “those who have committed grave crimes,” such as murderers and rapists. He also noted that workers at these institutions administer increased doses of neuroleptics designed to limit motor abilities.

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