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21 May, 2021 14:12

Ukrainian girl from infamous Dubai naked photoshoot scandal claims she was ‘beaten & raped’ by man she dated after returning home

Ukrainian girl from infamous Dubai naked photoshoot scandal claims she was ‘beaten & raped’ by man she dated after returning home

A Ukrainian girl who participated in April's now-infamous naked photoshoot in Dubai has alleged that she was raped when she returned to her hometown of Dnipro by a man she was dating, after he took exception to the scandal.

Speaking to local channel DniproTV, Natalia Chuprina explained that a man had invited her for a meeting, and he became aggressive when the conversation turned to the Dubai incident.

In April, a large group of Ukrainian models was arrested in the United Arab Emirates after a video of more than a dozen women posing in the nude went viral on social media. A local resident had filmed the group from another building in the posh Marina neighborhood. The women were arrested and accused of breaking the country's strict laws on lewd behavior. They were later all sent home.

For Chuprina, the nightmare didn't end when she left a Dubai cell.

"The conversation [with the Dnipro man] didn't go very well," she explained. "[He said] that I was doing the wrong thing. I decided I needed to go home because I didn't want to be spoken-to in a rude way. But I was beaten and raped after that."

She says her rapist then held her captive for four hours, before she escaped onto the street and screamed for help. The man caught up with her, but she was shouting so loud that he let her go.

"It was scary. I did not understand why this was happening, why he was doing all this," she told the Ukrainian TV channel. "He acted as if it gave him some kind of pleasure, like a real maniac."

"The man treated me like I wasn't worth anything. [He acted like] he could treat me like that after [the Dubai photoshoot]," she said.

Chuprina didn't name her attacker.

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