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6 Apr, 2021 14:08

Russian Pacific Sea frigate hits land target with Kalibr missile as country’s navy undergoes extensive modernization (VIDEO)

A warship from Russia’s Pacific Fleet has launched its first-ever Kalibr cruise missile at a ground target. The ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov’ destroyer fired the rocket from the Sea of Japan at Cape Syurkum in the Far East.

A video published by the Ministry of Defense shows the missile shoot up into the air before being guided towards its coastal target, over 1000km away.

The ministry revealed that the missile test was supported by the Pacific Fleet, as well as naval planes and helicopters to protect the airspace.

While the Kalibr missile has been in use operationally for some time, including as part of the Syrian War, the latest development comes as Russia’s Pacific Fleet undergoes modernization.

In particular, the ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov’ has been extensively upgraded. Initially launched in 1985 as part of the Soviet Project 1155, it now has brand new artillery turrets and is designed to be more stealthy. At the end of this year, once all tests are complete, it will return to the fleet.

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Last month, Moscow news agency TASS revealed that the Russian Navy would be upgrading the destroyer 'Admiral Vinogradov', following the example of the newly renovated ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov’.

Also in March, the same type of Kalibr missile was fired at a mock enemy by small ships from the Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet, as well as a frigate from the Black Sea Fleet.

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