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10 Mar, 2021 19:03

Russian cosplayers from Siberia build LIFE-SIZE replica of Razor Crest starship from ‘The Mandalorian’ (PHOTOS)

Russian cosplayers from Siberia build LIFE-SIZE replica of Razor Crest starship from ‘The Mandalorian’ (PHOTOS)

The starship of Din Djarin – the protagonist of the popular TV series ‘The Mandalorian’ set in the Star Wars universe – has just “landed” in the Russian Siberian city of Yakutsk, courtesy of a group of local cosplayers.

A life-size replica of the starship, called ‘Razor Crest’ in the series, was put on display in a local park. Photos published on Instagram by the leader of a group of enthusiasts behind the project show the ship, looking uncannily similar to that of Din Djarin’s, being placed on a hill overlooking the city with a crane.

The ship, which weighs more than a ton, has a length of 14 meters, is 10 meters wide and four meters high. “That was the most difficult cosplay of all but we did it,” Ayaal Fyodorov, a local cosplayer and the leading man behind the project, told TASS.

The group started the construction back in December 2020 and designed their replica on the basis of “photos in the internet,” Russian media report. The ship’s hull was made not from metal but from fiberwood. It is also made up of several portable modules, making it much easier to transport.

The replica also features a carefully recreated cockpit, while its external lights and even engines can be “lit up.”

“We decided it was the Razor Crest we wanted to build since no one in the world has done it so far. That is what fascinates us: to do the impossible,” Fyodorov said. The team, consisting of just five people, had resolved to do that ever since the first season of ‘The Mandalorian’ was aired, in 2019.

The cosplayers almost ran out of money during construction but the project then received donations from the cosplayers’ subscribers in Istagram. A Yakutsk IT Park and a private company also paid for the hangar the team used to assemble the ship.

Apart from the ship, the team also recreated the protagonist’s armor from the movie. Now, they plan to shoot some ‘Mandalorian’-themed fan movies.

For now, the ‘Razor Crest’ will stay in the Yakutsk park and every visitor gets a photo opportunity, Fyodorov said, adding that the ship will also get some security guards. He did not clarify if those will be armed with blasters and vambraces for added effect.

The project has already gained traction on the internet: the cosplayers’ video of the ship has been watched two million times on TikTok.

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