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8 Jan, 2021 13:31

‘It's now pointless to refer to US as model of democracy’: Russian politicians react to storming of US Capitol building

‘It's now pointless to refer to US as model of democracy’: Russian politicians react to storming of US Capitol building

The leader of Russia's Communist Party believes that karma is striking back at the US after decades of Washington overthrowing leaders worldwide. His comments came after a violent mob attacked the American Capitol on Wednesday.

Speaking to Moscow-based online news outlet Podyom, four-time presidential candidate Gennady Zyuganov said that Washington’s propensity to fuel and encourage revolutions around the world is coming back to bite its elites at home.

“They launched color revolutions, and in the last fifty years, they have carried out three dozen of them, if not more,” he said, specifically noting North Africa, Yugoslavia, and Ukraine. “Well, now they're paying for it.”

In Zyuganov's opinion, the riots are a “consequence of a fraudulent theft campaign,” referring to the disputed claims by US President Donald Trump that widespread election irregularities are the reason for his loss in November's race for the White House.

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The communist leader also accused future President Joe Biden of being a “representative of globalist capital” who does not care about America but simply wishes to impose his values on the nation.

Another popular opposition politician, ultra-nationalist LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, tweeted that Trump should “stay strong,” and foreign countries will help him out.

Assessments of events in Washington on January 6 also caught the eye of Vyacheslav Volodin, the Speaker of the Duma (Russia's parliament) and a senior member of the ruling United Russia party. According to Volodin, recent events mean that the world should soon begin reconsidering the form of democracy the US has imposed on the world.

“After the events caused by the presidential election, it is pointless to refer to [the US] as a model of democracy,” said Volodin. “We are on the verge of re-evaluating the standards that are promoted by the USA, which exports its vision of democracy and party-political systems around the world.”

“The United States would be right to address the shortcomings of its own political system. Many people have seen this before, but now it has become obvious to everyone.”

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Another influential figure in the United Russia party, Senator Aleksey Pushkov, said that the events in Washington “are not an attempted coup” and are “not a precursor to civil war,” but a sign of the end of “civil peace” in the US.

“This process was launched not by Republicans, but by participants in the pogroms and protests of the past summer, led by Black Lives Matter and left-wing radicals,” Pushkov wrote on his Telegram channel.

On Wednesday, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol in Washington, disrupting a meeting that was supposed to approve the results of the 2020 presidential election. The assault left five dead, and many more injured, and has led to some questioning why it was so easy to enter a vital government building.

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