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19 Dec, 2020 18:45

Dead dogs hung from trees along Siberian highway as hunter takes grisly revenge on pack of strays (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Dead dogs hung from trees along Siberian highway as hunter takes grisly revenge on pack of strays (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

An investigation has been launched in the remote Russian region of Kemerovo, after viral footage showed the dead bodies of half a dozen dogs strung up in trees along the roadside.

According to Russian media on Saturday, the canines had been shot by a local hunter after he found the corpses of several goats nearby. Anatoly Kadochnikov, the head of the Novoromanovsky settlement, told journalists that “he tracked the dogs from the bloody trail that they had left and shot them… As he didn’t know whose dogs they were or where they came from, he hung them on trees as a message to their owners.”


However, when no neighbours came forward to identify their pets, local authorities concluded that they were strays. The circumstances are now being investigated.

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In June, another Russian hunter, Oleg Potapov, made headlines after shooting dead a husky in front of its horrified owners, who allege he acted out of retribution, after the dead animal chased off a goose he had been stalking. Potapov insists that they had been walking their dog over his land, and that it had mauled more than 50 geese that he was farming for their eggs, meat and feathers.

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