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5 Nov, 2020 16:06

Comments by Russia on US election like ‘red rag to a bull’ but uncertainty ‘could negatively affect global affairs,’ Kremlin says

Comments by Russia on US election like ‘red rag to a bull’ but uncertainty ‘could negatively affect global affairs,’ Kremlin says

As the US election drags on without a conclusive winner, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman has warned that continued political chaos in Washington could have ramifications far beyond America’s borders.

Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday that he is concerned about the impact of the delay, saying “any uncertainty in the most powerful world economy and one of the largest countries has and could potentially have negative consequences for global affairs, first of all for global economy.”

He refused to speculate on the outcome of the US election, saying that the results “haven’t been announced yet and it’s impossible to make comments in the current situation.” He added that any statements from the Kremlin would be like a “red rag to a bull,” acknowledging the country’s portrayal by Western media and unproven allegations of previous interference.

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Russia has repeatedly been portrayed in the Anglo-American press as taking sides in the election. President Donald Trump’s surprise victory in 2016 was cast as a boost for the country, with Putin calling for an “era of fully-fledged relations” with the White House. But diplomatic ties between the two have been strained in recent years over allegations that Russia sought to influence that contest. During this year’s election, Putin noted the sharp “anti-Russian rhetoric” of Trump’s Democratic competitor, former Vice President Joe Biden.

However, it has been claimed that the Kremlin is unconcerned about the prospect of a Biden victory, particularly in relation to the possibility of fresh talks on nuclear arms control with a new White House team.

The US presidential election has stalled after voting closed on Tuesday, with a number of critical states still to count ballots. Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are all yet to announce whether Trump or Biden has won the state. Biden is currently leading the race, and a victory in any one of those would secure him at least the 270 electoral college votes required.

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The election has been the most unorthodox is recent US history, fraught with tensions between supporters of the two candidates. President Trump took to Twitter as ballots were still being counted, effectively claiming victory in the race, which drew criticism from commentators across America.

Further results are expected later on Thursday, but are thought likely to be the subject of intense legal fights as the battle for the White House comes to a head.

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