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22 Sep, 2020 17:58

Putin says global economy won’t recover from Covid-19 pandemic ‘for a long time,’ calls for world trade to be freed from sanctions

Putin says global economy won’t recover from Covid-19 pandemic ‘for a long time,’ calls for world trade to be freed from sanctions

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin told the 75th session of the UN General Assembly that global trade needs to be released from illegitimate sanctions. He also decried a “lack of humanity” in international affairs in the Covid era.

Addressing the assembly on Tuesday, Putin added that it will take a long time to resuscitate the global economy from the damage wrought by coronavirus. In his opinion, it will be necessary to make radical choices. The Russian president added that the UN Security Council should “take into fuller account the interests of all countries.”

“I would like to once again draw attention to the Russian proposal on the introduction of so-called ‘green corridors,’ [which would be] free from trade wars and sanctions, primarily for essential goods, food, medicines, and personal protective equipment, which are in demand specifically to combat the pandemic,” he said.

“In general, releasing and freeing world trade from barriers, bans, restrictions, [and] illegitimate sanctions could help to restore global growth and reduce unemployment.”

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Putin also urged the UN itself to adapt to the present global situation. “[It] should reflect in its development the dynamics of the 21st century, and consistently adapt to the realities of the modern world, which is indeed becoming more complex, multipolar, multidimensional,” he explained.

Sounding a downbeat note on the global economy, the Russian leader noted that “experts have yet to fully assess the scale of the socio-economic shock associated with the pandemic, and all the consequences down the road.”

Meanwhile, Putin also drew attention to how some countries had displayed what he called a “lack of humanity” during the crisis. He pointed out that, in tackling the pandemic, the solidarity of doctors, volunteers and citizens of different countries has mostly known no borders and that many states have also “disinterestedly and openly helped each other.”

“However, there were also cases when there was a deficit of humanity and, if you like, kindness in relations at official level,” he complained. Putin called on the UN to “enhance the role of the humanitarian, human component in multilateral and bilateral relations.”

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