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17 Sep, 2020 07:38

World-famous Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko hospitalized with Covid-19, 'regrets nothing' about working during pandemic

World-famous Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko hospitalized with Covid-19, 'regrets nothing' about working during pandemic

Renowned Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko has been hospitalized with pneumonia caused by coronavirus. The star confirmed the news in a Thursday morning Instagram post, maintaining that “she will be fine.”

“It is five days since I have been hospitalized with Covid-19 pneumonia,” Netrebko wrote in her post, adding that she previously decided to continue her work instead of “just sitting at home in fear of contracting the illness” and “regrets nothing.”

Netrebko took a light hearted view of the situation, attaching a clip of Daryl Hannah in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, as murderous 'nurse' Elle Driver. 

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У меня было два выбора- 1-продолжать сидеть дома и бояться заразиться или -2 начать работать, разъезжать, выступать с риском заболеть. Я безоговорочно выбрала 2 и ни о чём не жалею. Уже 5 дней я нахожусь в больнице с Ковидной пневмонией и скоро пойду на поправку. Я изолировалась сразу как почувствовала что заболеваю, хотя тесты были негативные. Я пришла в больницу вовремя и мне оказывают помощь. Всё будет хорошо! Не так страшен черт как его описывают 👹 У моего мужа Юсифа антитела! 😳 каким то образом он перенёс эту болезнь 🤷🏻‍♀️ и абсолютно безопасен для окружающих😍🙏🏻 Тияго в порядке! Не волнуйтесь! Меня так просто не возьмёшь 💪💪💪 Я хочу сказать что гораздо больше я устала от этого «е..тория « связанного с тестами , карантинами, запугиваниями несчастных людей, чем от самого вируса. Я рада, что для меня теперь это закончится🙏🏻

Публикация от @ anna_netrebko_yusi_tiago

Last Saturday, the opera singer told her followers in another Instagram post that she would self-isolate for a week despite all her Covid tests being negative. In the latest update, she explained she secluded herself as soon as she felt the first symptoms and “went into hospital just in time” to get all the necessary help.

Netrebko also said that her illness is “not as bad as it seems” and she was much more tired of the constant panic surrounding the coronavirus topic. Her husband, Azerbaijani opera singer Yusif Eyvazov, went through the illness without exhibiting any symptoms at all, Netrebko added.

Last week, Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater canceled its ‘Don Carlos’ opera after one of the leading singers, Ildar Abdrazakov, was diagnosed with coronavirus. Netrebko and her husband were expected to sing together with Abdrazakov, and following these developments the opera star decided to self-isolate.

Now, Netrebko will have to celebrate her birthday, which is on Friday, in the hospital.

Originally from Krasnodar, in southern Russia, Netrebko studed at the famed Saint Petersburg Conservatory, and began her career at the northern capital's renowned Mariinsky Theatre. She is considered to be one of the world's greatest operatic sopranos. 

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