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27 Aug, 2020 13:24

‘She’s an adult, she simply told me’: Putin says daughter VOLUNTEERED to take part in trials of world’s 1st Covid-19 vaccine

‘She’s an adult, she simply told me’: Putin says daughter VOLUNTEERED to take part in trials of world’s 1st Covid-19 vaccine

Vladimir Putin’s daughter made up her own mind to take Russia’s new coronavirus jab, her father has revealed. He said "she comes into contact with a lot of people, it is important for her to feel protected to work as normal."

The Russian president shed some light on how the promising vaccine works during a one-to-one interview with host Sergey Brilev, some excerpts of which were aired by the ‘Rossiya 1’ channel on Thursday. Putin had previously made headlines when he revealed that one of his daughters had been given 'Sputnik V.' 

"We passed pre-clinical and clinical trials on animals and volunteers," Putin told Brilev. "It is clear today to our specialists that this vaccine gives a sustainable immunity, antibodies emerge, just like they did in my daughter’s case, and is harmless. Thank God, my daughter is feeling well."

This time, Putin was asked if she had consulted with him before getting immunized. “She is an adult, she just said that she had made such a decision,” the president replied, clarifying also that his daughter had done so “as a volunteer.” 

The injection didn’t cause many adverse effects, Putin reiterated. His daughter had “a temperature of 38.4 on the first day,” then on the second day it was “over 37.” She was given the second and final shot 21 days later, but everything was “normal” except for a slight temperature. 

Russia is the first country in the world to have officially registered a Covid-19 vaccine. Developed by Moscow’s famed Gamaleya National Research Center, ‘Sputnik V’ successfully passed phase-two clinical trials, during which the correct dosage and the strength of the immune response were measured. 


Expanding on the issue, Putin revealed that a second vaccine – this time produced by the Novosibirsk-based Vector Institute – is about to arrive in September. “I am sure that the Vector staff will make a wonderful drug that will help people a lot,” the president said.

Also on rt.com Putin says Russia’s Health Ministry has approved world’s FIRST Covid-19 vaccine, his own daughter has been vaccinated

It is understood that frontline doctors and teachers will be the first to be given the ‘Sputnik V’ shot. However, the vaccine won’t go into general circulation until January 2021, allowing several months of further observation of its efficiency and safety. 

Until that happens, Putin appealed to his countrymen and women, saying that self-discipline is the key to stemming the spread of the epidemic, which has so far infected close to 973,000 people in Russia and claimed over 16,700 lives. “The more disciplined we are, the sooner we can return to normal life,” he stated.

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