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16 Aug, 2020 11:31

As Trump mulls move, Snowden's Russian lawyer says whistleblower ‘not a felon’ to be ‘pardoned' & deserves end to prosecution

As Trump mulls move, Snowden's Russian lawyer says whistleblower ‘not a felon’ to be ‘pardoned' & deserves end to prosecution

Edward Snowden is not a criminal in need of a pardon but rather a hero who loves his country. That's according to his Russian lawyer as Donald Trump has promised to look into the case of the renowned fugitive whistleblower.

If the threat of prosecution no longer hangs over Snowden, “his reaction would be good, I know that,” Anatoly Kucherena said. “Edward loves his country a lot and he certainly misses his homeland, family and friends.”

The possibility of pardoning Snowden for leaking NSA classified material to the press was floated this week by the US President. Trump said he was “going to take a very good look” into what had happened to the world-famous whistleblower.

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Kucherena has represented Snowden since 2013, when he applied for political asylum in Russia after his American passport was revoked and he was stranded in the transit zone of a Moscow airport – apparently, on his way to Latin America. Speaking to the Interfax news agency on Sunday, the lawyer said pardoning his client would be a “humanitarian move”, but not exactly what he deserves.

“Edward didn’t commit any crime; he is not a felon. He acted in the interest of American citizens and humanity as a whole,” he said.

In all the years of knowing him I have never doubted his honesty and genuine dedication to his cause.

Snowden became an international sensation after exposing the global architecture of electronic surveillance operated by the US government. He was charged with espionage and theft of government property, with each of the three charges in his case carrying a maximum penalty of ten years.

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