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22 Jul, 2020 16:44

Russian visa liberalization continues as MPs pass law to allow foreigners into the country WITHOUT paper visa

Russian visa liberalization continues as MPs pass law to allow foreigners into the country WITHOUT paper visa

The Russian visa process is about to get a lot easier. Parliament has passed a long-awaited law allowing foreigners to visit the country for 16 days with an e-visa, beginning in 2021.

The new electronic visa allows the holder a single entry into the world’s biggest country for the purposes of visiting someone, business, tourism, or participation in an event. Not everyone can come to Russia with an e-visa at present, though; citizens from countries including the US, United Kingdom and Canada are currently excluded.

Electronic visas have been part of the Russian migration system since 2017, allowing citizens of certain countries to go to the Far East and Kaliningrad without the need to visit an embassy. In 2019, this was expanded to Saint Petersburg, for citizens of 53 countries.

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Russian immigration policy is constantly being changed and reformed. In April, Russian parliamentarians passed a law to ease the route for foreigners to become Russian citizens, removing the requirement for them to give up existing passports. A month later, the Ministry of Economic Development proposed that Russia offer permanent residency to foreigners who buy property. 

On July 13, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova announced that Russia was looking to change its migration system “in favor of high-quality migration” to attract “very qualified personnel to the country.”

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