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21 Jul, 2020 14:12

‘Natural Fascism’: Russian priest says that test-tube babies are like Nazi German experiments

‘Natural Fascism’: Russian priest says that test-tube babies are like Nazi German experiments

Never a stranger to controversy, Russian cleric Dimitri Smirnov has compared in-vitro fertilization to trials carried out on people in Nazi Germany, for which some were sentenced to death at the Nuremberg Trials.

According to Smirnov, test-tube babies are equivalent to “natural fascism,” and the “artificial creation of people.”

“As we remember, people were hanged for similar experiments after the Nuremberg trials,” Smirnov said, in an interview with religious magazine ‘Prikhozhanin.’ (Parishioner)

The archpriest also quoted Yuri Altukhov, an academic from the Russian Academy of Sciences, who said that 20 percent of children born through IVF develop psychological problems.

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“When some rich old woman, having grown children, wants to artificially have more children for herself, this contradicts God’s will,” the priest explained.

Smirnov is well-known in Russia for his comments about women, traditional family values, and reproductive rights. In February, he made national headlines after equating common-law wives to unpaid sex workers. In March, Smirnov questioned the need to send girls to school, explaining that, instead, they should learn “how to look after a child, and not to read and write.”

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