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28 Jun, 2020 15:10

Hay Satan! WATCH ‘tractor of apocalypse’ catch fire on Russian road & set fields ablaze

Hay Satan! WATCH ‘tractor of apocalypse’ catch fire on Russian road & set fields ablaze

A tractor with two trailers of hay turned into a moving inferno as its cargo caught fire on a road in southern Russia. The vehicle spilled flames left and right as it swirled around setting the surrounding fields alight.

The red-hot video from Russia’s Krasnodar region emerged on social media on Sunday, promptly going viral. Footage shows the tractor - with two burning trailers attached - zigzagging on the road in a desperate attempt to beat off the flames.

The tactics didn’t prove to be very effective though, as the hard maneuvering only spilled the blazing hay from the trailers, setting crops at the side of the road on fire as well. The trailers were apparently badly burned too, and, on second thoughts, ditching them and letting them burn might have been a better idea. But, hay, who can think – or drive – straight when your wheels are literally on fire.

Photos showing the aftermath of the accident indicate that firefighters were called to the scene, extinguishing the crops and what was left of the hay. It was not immediately clear to what extent the trailers and the tractor were damaged.

There is no official word on what exactly started the red hot ride, but local media reported that a carelessly discarded cigarette butt was likely behind the blaze.

While the incident was beyond doubt quite scary, it didn't stop netizens from joking around. The offending vehicle has been dubbed a “tractor of apocalypse” and the flaming bales – the “hay of fury.” Some users also suggested that Ghost Rider might have been behind the wheel, ditching his bike for a vehicle more appropriate for rural Russia.

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