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16 Mar, 2020 11:59

Patient ESCAPES from Moscow coronavirus hospital, chief doctor slams ‘ignorant behavior’

Patient ESCAPES from Moscow coronavirus hospital, chief doctor slams ‘ignorant behavior’

It appears some Russians really don’t like the idea of being quarantined over Covid-19. After a well-publicized hospital breakout in Saint Petersburg last month, a Moscow patient decided to play copycat.

Apparently unconcerned about infecting others around the capital, a woman suspected of having coronavirus escaped from a medical facility, according to Denis Protsenko, the head physician at Moscow’s Kommunarka Hospital.

“I have to deal with the ignorant behavior of hospitalized patients who do not understand the situation and the danger of spreading Covid-19 in the city,” he said. “I ask my colleagues to explain the seriousness of the situation to non-medics.”

Protsenko also asked Moscow residents to show civic consciousness. “The worst thing is, from the moment of unauthorized departure to their discovery by the police, such patients pose a biological threat to the spread of the virus. Once again, I urge our patients to be relaxed and [more] conscious, and we will continue to work for you.”

According to media reports, the woman was eventually returned for treatment. A police source told Moscow daily RBC that the police found the patient, 40, in an apartment on Orshanskaya Street in the west of the capital. The police’s official press service denied receiving such information.

On Sunday, Protsenko said that the hospital complex in Kommunarka was currently hosting 312 patients, of which 17 had tested positive, with not a single patient in critical condition.

On Tuesday, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced that a new facility would be built in southwest Moscow, and a day later, it was reported that Moscow had allocated $113 million (8.5 billion rubles) to build a brand-new coronavirus hospital.

As of Monday morning, there are 63 total confirmed cases of coronavirus in Russia, eight of whom have recovered.

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