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Rammstein’s Till Lindemann turns bubble boy with giant ‘coronavirus protective gear’ at Moscow gig

Rammstein’s Till Lindemann turns bubble boy with giant ‘coronavirus protective gear’ at Moscow gig
It could be said it's rather reckless to gather thousands of people together amid a pandemic. But Till Lindemann apparently had an ace up his sleeve – a giant iridescent bubble to protect him during his Moscow concert.

The Rammstein star is currently on tour in Russia, together with Swedish multi-instrumentalist Peter Tagtgren. On Sunday the two performed at the VTB Arena in Moscow and had an unusual prop – a giant plastic bubble to take shelter in. To protect them from the coronavirus, some commenters snickered.

In actual fact, the provocative duo didn’t suddenly get cold feet about the epidemic before the Moscow gig. The bubble apparently has been part of the show from the beginning of the tour in early February.

And to be fair, it was used only for a single song. For the rest of the show Lindemann and Tagtgren were out with the crowds, slapping girls on their buttocks and throwing cakes at the audience (and singing too).

The tour hasn’t been unaffected by the coronavirus, however; Moscow has a ban on mass gatherings of over 5,000, so the visiting band had to play the concert twice to make sure it complied with the limit while admitting everyone with a ticket.

Russia has not been hit as hard by the Covid-19 as some other nations, and some Russians have been quite defiant when it comes to the virus – like football fans in St. Petersburg, who were chanting“We all will die” during a match last Saturday.

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