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10 Mar, 2020 11:17

Russian parliament adjourns after proposal to allow Putin run again in 2024 Presidential elections

Russian parliament adjourns after proposal to allow Putin run again in 2024 Presidential elections

Proceedings in Russia’s State Duma have been temporarily suspended and President Vladimir Putin is set to make an address this afternoon. It comes after a suggestion that Presidential term limits could be re-set.

The idea was floated by Valentina Tereshkova, an MP from the ruling ‘United Russia’ party, who is also famous for being the first woman in space. She wants to give the incumbent head of state a chance to compete in the 2024 Presidential election.

Under existing rules, Putin must stand aside after the current mandate, his fourth, ends. However, putative constitutional changes currently being discussed would limit future Presidents to only two terms. Tereshkova wants to start the clock again, making Putin eligible for two more runs before he would be bound by the new restrictions. 

In her speech, she said in the situation Russia now faces [economically and politically] there are “unpredictable risks” meaning “reliable insurance” is needed.

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“This insurance, I am 100% sure, is from strong Presidential power and the moral authority of the person who holds the post,” Tereshkova explained. “The question is not really about him [Putin], it is about us, the citizens of Russia, and its future… why make any artificial structures? Everything must be honest and transparent.”

Her speech was met with applause. The head of the United Russia parliamentary party, Sergei Neverov, said it would support such an amendment. Meanwhile, Vyacheslav Volodin, the house speaker, said the initiative required consultation with the president himself and leaders of all Duma parties.

Volodin told journalists that Putin himself will come to the parliament after 3pm Moscow time to address deputies. 

Meanwhile, the Communist Party, the largest opposition grouping in the Duma, announced it will not back the nullification of presidential terms. MP Alexander Yushchenko told Moscow news agency Interfax that the party has consistently rejected such a measure.