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6 Mar, 2020 17:34

Have we killed it? Kalashnikov puts antique RPD machine gun through full-auto torture test (VIDEO)

Have we killed it? Kalashnikov puts antique RPD machine gun through full-auto torture test (VIDEO)

The gun expert team at iconic arms maker Kalashnikov Concern has put a WWII-era RPD machinegun through a ‘full-auto’ nightmare, bringing the antique weapon to its demise in a new ‘Destroyers of Weapons’ video.

The renowned arms producer has surely developed the taste for making literally hot internet content, adding its new video to its popular series.

This time, the expert team obtained an RPD machinegun – a Second World War design chambered in 7.62×39mm and created in 1944 by Vasily Degtyaryov. In Russia, the gun was retired long ago, yet Soviet-era RPDs and its foreign knockoffs are still in active use all over the globe.

The expert team readied eleven 100-round belts for the test and the gun managed to chew through the majority of them, experiencing troubles after firing over 750 rounds. The RPD got very hot during the test – its handguard began smoking and dripping melted varnish.


The machinegun managed to fire eight full belts before jamming. The result, in fact, is very decent, as the RPDs are designed to withstand firing 300 rounds non-stop before requiring to cool off.

The last round got stuck in the chamber and apparently suffered a dramatic thermal cook-off, yet again reminding the viewers why one should never point a jammed gun in any unsafe direction, yet alone look into its barrel.

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According to the Kalashnikov gun expert, the melted varnish likely got into chamber and jammed the gun, while its gas tube got stuffed with powder residue. It remained unclear, however, if the machine gun was done for good or if it would be able to shoot again, after a thorough cleaning.

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