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21 Nov, 2019 15:29

Playboy model turns down career in Russian politics, worries she'd be a 'distraction’

Playboy model turns down career in Russian politics, worries she'd be a 'distraction’

Maria Liman, dubbed one of the World Cup 2018’s sexiest fans, recently revealed that she'd been offered the job of spokesperson for Russian political party LDPR, but turned it down as she felt she would be “too distracting."

The 25-year-old turned heads and made headlines during the last year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia, stunning crowds at Saint Peterburg’s Gazprom Stadium with her creative and patriotic costumes. 

Her star only continued to rise after the tournament ended, as she made multiple television appearances earning her widespread attention, including from the Russian opposition party LDPR in her hometown of Rostov-on-Don.

“My life is entirely channelled to my acting career, politics has never been interesting to me,” Liman said.

“I do understand how people would see me and that I also have no idea about the field. I don’t want to be a distraction for people,” she added.

Popular stand-up comedian Pavel Volya joked about political parties appointing unqualified models to positions of power, attempting to leverage beauty for votes, and Liman agreed.

“They might not be slaves to the nation but those are certainly someone’s slaves,” Volya said.

Liman has been busy acquainting herself with her new home, taking snaps at some of the city’s most famous landmarks, sharing them with her 565,000 followers on Instagram.

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