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5 Aug, 2019 16:27

Clawing for life: Rescuers & volunteers save animals from flood in Russia’s Far East (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Clawing for life: Rescuers & volunteers save animals from flood in Russia’s Far East (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Massive flooding plaguing several regions in Russia’s Far East is affecting people and animals alike. Apart from reinforcing dams and shielding crucial infrastructure from the rising waters, rescuers also seek to save the animals.

Russia’s Far East is facing flooding which is expected to affect several regions. At least 37 settlements are already partially flooded in Amur Region and the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Apart from humans, furry (and not-so furry) friends trapped by the natural disaster are also in need of help.

Volunteers and emergency workers are searching the flooded settlements, collecting abandoned cats, dogs, and other animals.


Some, however, decided not to evacuate. One man told rescuers that he just couldn’t leave his dogs behind in the flooded house.


Abandoned animals have been eager to be helped by humans, and seem to be boarding the boats in rather orderly fashion.


The water is expected to rise some more, but a repeat of the devastating flood of 2013 is not predicted, according to the Russian Meteorological Service.

“Amur Region is affected by rain; the water level of rivers… is rising… The water level is rising by meters,” Roman Vilfand, the service’s science head, told reporters on Monday.

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