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Russian military gets first batch of futuristic Udav handguns

Russian military gets first batch of futuristic Udav handguns
The state-of-the-art Udav handgun, described as one of the most powerful pistols in the world, has begun a trial run with the Russian military. It is intended to replace the sturdy but aging Makarov sidearm, in use since 1950s.

The Udav (‘Boa’ in Russian, a blunt-nosed snake) was cleared for mass production after successfully passing the state tests, which saw the weapon exposed to dust, sand and temperatures ranging from minus 50 to plus 70 Celsius.

The nine millimeters auto-loading handgun has a magazine capacity of 18 bullets, which is ten more than the Makarov.


The new pistol’s engagement range is almost two times greater, reaching 100 meters. The Udav is also lighter and easier to operate than the Makarov, due to the incorporation of composite materials.

Udav can fire all types of 9mm bullets, including tracer, armor-piercing and expanding ammunition. What makes the pistol even more menacing are the subsonic and increased penetrability bullets, which were especially developed for it.


The handgun's futuristic design isn’t just for looks, as it provides the option of using the Udav with a silencer and a laser scope.

A civilian version of the new Russian handgun will be released later this year, with the producers saying that Udav will be able to challenge the likes of Colt, Walther and Glock on the market.

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